In addition to strategic, Gate 88 has a higher focus on the actual implementation of an export business. Many years of experience from export and international business have taught us that a high focus on the actual execute will gain a faster access to market. Many companies underestimate the time it takes and often missing knowledge about social rules and how to do business in different cultures. Gate 88 creates effective tools that maximize the possibilities for you to succeed with your export business and sales processes.

Do you need help to sell or launch your products to a potential customer or market? 
Our concept “Sales Support” enables you to quickly get started with your sales while gaining access to our entire international business network of people who love to do business.

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     When you have a product that you think has a market outside of you home market, and need help to get started.

     When you need help setting up a optimal distributor profile. What expectations are reasonable and what critical parts determine success?


     When you are unsure how to create clear attention for your product in a competitive market, and how to handle tough competitors in the same market.


     When you are looking for distributors or new sales channels for your products.


     When you want to learn how to validate potential distributors, or partners

     When you want to know more about interim assignments in sales and exports.

Our export business partners

Together with our partners, we create both safer and more profitable export business.
Do you want to know more, call 070 334 47 03 or email  peter.karlsten@gate88.se

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