Looking to enter new markets – Go to Gate 88

Go to Gate 88.

If you would like to know more about access into the German, French, UK or the Scandinavian health markets. For example:

  • which are the critical steps needed to achieve a successful market entry.
  • which business model should you choose.
  • how do you prepare your company, internally, externally for a particular market.
  • how do you prepare your partner and/or distributor.
  • what rules and regulations applies for actual market.
  • what events and seminars can help create awareness.
  • how do the competitor landscape look like.

Our mission and our goals is to help you avoiding cost by having the right market conditions when launching your products and solution in new markets.

If you are curios on how me and my affiliates can make your market entry more efficiant. Contact peter.karlsten@gate88.se

The picture: Jon Wilks, Managing Director of UKHG, with (from left), Olaf Meyer (BeoBerlin), Marie Glorie (Glorimed) and me, Peter Karlsten (Gate 88), all members of our European affiliate network, EUMMAN (EU Medical Market Access Network)

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